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Burgers with a Difference

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There are a couple of reasons why our Burgers taste so good!

One of them is because of our very own quality hand crafted buns. Burgers with Attitude has created a unique sourdough culture which has fermented over many days. Used at it’s optimum, it results in a bread with superior flavour and texture. No rapid rise, tasteless, full of oil and sugar like that from our competitors. Just artisan know-how, time and devotion....resulting in a delicious, more substantial burger bun.

Secondly, no shortcuts are taken in the preparation of the fillings, mayo’s & relishes. At a time when the burger industry is busy inventing quicker and cheaper burgers; we at Burgers with Attitude take the longhand, honest approach to food and we know that you’ll taste the difference every time.

When our competitors are pumping out burgers in 10 minutes or less we tend to ask: What is the quality that they are producing? Burgers with Attitude cook EVERY order from scratch. You may have to wait a little longer but the proof is in the pudding; or should we say Burger!

We may be classed as a take away fast food joint but our product certainly DOES NOT warrant the Fast Food label. If you want FAST FOOD go 1 km down the road! We believe you get what you pay for.

We keep it simple and let the ingredients speak for themselves. We really want you to enjoy your experience at Burgers with Attitude so if you love what we are doing, tell others. If not, please tell us.